iGOTM changelog

2021-01-21optionally use OceanColour CCI for light attenuation coefficients
2021-01-17switched from in-situ to potential temperature for improved results in deep water
2020-08-27updated to GEBCO 2020 bathymetry
2020-08-27default to ERA5 forcing and 2019 as simulated period
2020-08-26extended SST CCI validation up to 2019 (previousy 2016)
2020-02-12moved to GEBCO 2019 bathymetry
2020-01-23optionally include monthly climatologies for nitrate, phosphate, silicate, oxygen (World Ocean Atlas), dissolved inorganic carbon and alkalinity (GLODAP) in downloadable setup.
2020-01-21expanded SST CCI validation to cover 1982-2016
2020-01-08use monthly rather than annual climatology for initialization/relaxation
2020-01-07expanded SST CCI validation to cover 2003-2016
2019-12-19added ERA5 meteorology (1980-2018)
2019-09-25added sea surface temperature validation against ESA SST CCI (2016 only)
2019-09-22updated to World Ocean Atlas 2018
2019-07-23added tides based on TPXO9/OTPS2
2019-07-15switched plotting from server-side MatPlotLib to client-side Plotly
2018-03-22added support for Bing maps (as alternative to Google Maps) to allow use in China
2018-03-11downloadable GOTM setup
2018-03-01expanded simulatable period to 1979-2017
2018-02-07added freshwater input due to precipitation
2018-01-28first release (simulates 2016 only based on ETOPO1, ERA-interim, WOA2013v2)